Edition Of 1000

Available Thursday July 14th

Johnny's 14 Track Classic Mix Pressed On 3 LPs
Deluxe 180 Gram Heavy Vinyl
Red, Orange, Yellow, With Black & Silver Detail
Early 80's Hues Inspired By The Color Scheme Of The 808 Rhythm Composer
This Was The Weapon Of Choice For The Drums On The Album

Rolling Down The Hills (3:32)
Hands In The Dark (4:48)
Last Nite A Dj Saved My Life (6:42)
Lady Operator (5:37)
Computer Love (5:37)
La Grotta (6:33)
Killing Spree (1:19)
Law Of Life (7:28)
In The City (7:09)
Miss Broadway (6:46)
Lake Of Dreams (9:26)
Dancing Girls (5:36)
The Chameleon (4:55)
Pegaso (2:44)

Total Running Time (1:18:05)

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