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Image of ANDREW DOUGLAS ROTHBARD "Divonium Digitalis" 12 Inch

ANDREW DOUGLAS ROTHBARD "Divonium Digitalis" 12 Inch


Edition Of 500
Pressed On 180 Gram Transparent Emerald
Mastered By Mike Bozzi
Record Cut By Bernie Grundman In Hollywood

If Philip K Dick & Philip Glass collaborated with Kevin Shields to create a symphony of controlled chaos for Carnegie Hall in 2217, they’d enter the realm of what ADR’s transcendent, atom-smashing Divonium Digitalis represents. The release’s four cuts are psychedelic studies of dirty, mystical guitars, spectral synths, and hushed vocals, torn and spliced into cascading revelations about the unpredictability of molecular movement. Experiencing this record is like consuming its namesake plant: In low doses, it can cause you to see halos around light and in higher doses it absolutely kills.

Worshipping The Myth Of Betrayed Talent (4:16)
Rat & The Family Bones (6:02)
Prognoz Relikt (7:58)
Section 8 Face (2:41)

Total Running Time (21:25)