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CHROMATICS "Night Drive" (Deluxe) 2xLP On 180 Gram Pink Flamingo


First Edition
Gatefold 2xLP On 180 Gram Pink Flamingo

Out Of Print For Over 2 Years...Anniversary Edition Finally In The Store
Produced By Johnny Jewel
Remastered By Mike Bozzi At Bernie Grundman Mastering
Vinyl Cut By Bernie Grundman In Hollywood
Artwork By Johnny Jewel & Adam Miller

The Telephone Call (1:50)
Night Drive (3:44)
I Want Your Love (6:41)
Running Up That Hill (6:06)
Killing Spree (3:59)
Healer (3:53)
Mask (5:35)
Tomorrow Is So Far Away (7:12)
Let's Make This A Moment To Remember (3:30)
Tick Of The Clock (15:39)
Shining Violence (3:16)
Circled Sun (4:07)
Bell (2:37)
The Gemini (4:00)
Accelerator (7:29)

Total Running Time (79:33)

Sold Out