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JOHNNY JEWEL "Lost River" Motion Picture Score CD Box Set With Glossy 44 Page Book


Artwork By Johnny Jewel

Repress Edition Of 5000 Coming Soon

Deluxe CD & Flexi Disc Box Set
Includes Set Of Six 7x7 Exclusive Flexi Discs
Poster Designs Are "Rebel Youth" & "Billy's Blade"
Orders Receive Immediate Digital Download Of Complete Album

The "Lost River" Original Motion Picture Score Deluxe CD, Flexi Disc, & Book Set is housed in a thick reel to reel tape box, "Lost River" comes with a glossy 44 page book of photographs shot on location in Detroit, April & May 2013. Flexi discs feature the songs, "Shell Game", "Echoes", "Cool Water", "Tell Me", "Love Theme", & "Blue Moon". Hand assembled by Chromatics. I am so happy to finally be able to share these boxes with you. Purple Triple LP box set & 12 inch book coming in early 2016. A million thanks to everyone who made this soundtrack so unique & beautiful...Ida No, Nat Walker, Ryan Gosling, Nico Leunen, Saoirse Ronan, Megan Louise, Eva Mendes, Ruth Radelet, Ben Mendelsohn, Rob Zabrecky, Matt Smith, Adam Miller, & Landyn Stewart...I love you forever ever.
Purple Dreams...

Produced & Mixed By Johnny Jewel

Track Listing

Johnny Jewel "Tell Me" (Feat. Saoirse Ronan) (2:42)
Chromatics "Yes" (Love Theme From Lost River) (3:25)
Glass Candy "Shell Game" (3:08)
Johnny Jewel "The Big Bad Wolf" (Feat. Rob Zabrecky) (0:48)
Johnny Jewel "Cool Water" (Feat. Ben Mendelsohn) (3:11)
Johnny Jewel "Echoes" (2:27)
Johnny Jewel "Bullytown" (Feat. Matt Smith) (0:51)
Johnny Jewel "The Dead Zone" (6:47)
Chromatics "Blue Moon" (3:37)
Johnny Jewel "A Bloody Good Time" (Feat. Eva Mendes & Landyn Stewart) (2:59)
Desire "Behind The Mask" (2:27)
Johnny Jewel "Underwater" (3:53)
Johnny Jewel "Carousel" (2:23)
Johnny Jewel "Hope" (1:13)
Chromatics "Yes" (Symmetry Remix) (4:31)
Johnny Jewel "Echoes" (Reprise) (1:29)
Johnny Jewel "Spellbound" (4:17)
Johnny Jewel "Slow Motion" (3:19)
Johnny Jewel "Communion" (Feat. Rob Zabrecky) (2:27)
Johnny Jewel "Carousel Pt. 2" (2:09)
Johnny Jewel "Reunion" (1:43)
Johnny Jewel "Death" (1:59)
Johnny Jewel "Candlelight Burns" (2:48)
Johnny Jewel "Fossil Fuels" (4:32)
Johnny Jewel "Franky's Theme" (1:48)
Chromatics "Yes" (Lullaby From Lost River) (2:37)

Total Running Time (1:11:37)

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