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Image of GLASS CANDY - Metal Gods 7"

GLASS CANDY - Metal Gods 7"


1. Metal Gods (3.57)
2. Hurt (3.57)

Produced & Mixed By Johnny Jewel
Artwork By Johnny Jewel

The "Metal Gods" record was recorded during Johnny & Ida's minimal wave period from 1999-2000. That's right...Ten years ago! Way ahead of the trend as usual, & the artwork still looks gorgeous. Lyrically, Ida explores themes inspired by "Erinnerungen an die Zukunft: Ungeloste Ratsel der Vergangenheit". Also known as..."Chariots Of The Gods", & the theory that the technologies & religions of ancient man were gifts from space travelers from other worlds. Coming to earth as metal gods from chariots in the sky. The B Side features their first take on L.A.'s legendary synth punk classic, "I Wanna Hurt". Originally performed by The Screamers. This was the first of five versions they recorded of this song. On the Cover the band is naked covered in glammy make-up inspired by Peggy Moffit.

Recorded on Four Track Cassette
Self Released By The Band April 2000
Edition Of 2000

Sold Out