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Image of GLASS CANDY "Life After Sundown" 12"

GLASS CANDY "Life After Sundown" 12"


Produced & Mixed By Johnny Jewel
Artwork By Johnny Jewel

In 2002, Glass Candy was on a grueling tour of the United States when their guitar was broken in two across Johnny's rib cage at a house party in Philladelphia. A fifteen person pile up allowed them to only make it one & a half songs through their live set. The band was stuck on the east coast & broke. With two cracked ribs that night sleeping in the freezing van, Johnny & Ida had to ask themselves ... Was it a sign from Candyland ? Glass Candy decided it was ... Left their guitar in the dumpster of an abondoned gas station ... Ditched their drummer & got back to the synthesizer & drum machine they started with in 1996. You can feel the sense of exploration & freedom in this record. They spent 4 years working on an album that would eventually become
"B/E/A/T/B/O/X". This was the first taste of their new spin on Donna Summer (Bad Girls) & Sparks (Number One In Heaven). Looking back now ...This was the record that started what Italians Do It Better would become. Taking the punk into a deeper disco direction. Raw ... Wild ... & Ahead of it's time. They spent night after night splicing it together on two track reels ... & took over three months to mix ... Jesse Evans from Subtonix / The Vanishing guests on a crazy sax solo inspired equally by The Stooges' "Funhouse" & The Rolling Stones' "Emotional Rescue". This record will always remind of us that crazy winter in Portland where everything changed. It's hard to remember a time when synth heavy music, strings, arpeggios, congas, bells, saxophone, handclaps, etc... were taboo. But that's the way it was over here. We didn't know what to expect in terms of public response ... But this record caught fire in the underground, & eleven years later, Johnny & Ida still slaughter "Life After Sundown" across the globe. This is our favorite version.
1. Life After Sundown (9:31)
2. Extended Instrumental (10.08)
3. Ida No Acappella (3.48)
Total Running Time (22:37)
From The Original Pressing Of 1500

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