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Image of "CRUISE CONTROL" A Label Sampler Compact Disc

"CRUISE CONTROL" A Label Sampler Compact Disc


Johnny Jewel's Mix Of The New 12 Inches, LPs, EPs, & Archival Reissues We Released This Year
20 Traxxx...79 Minutes...11 Artists...9 Cities

Nite Jewel "Real High" (3:57)
Tess Roby "Ballad 5" (3:37)
Heaven "It's Not Enough" (2:15)
Twisted Wires "Struck Twice" (4:20)
Chromatics "Magazine" (Club Mix) (3:13)
In Mirrors "Take Your Movement Away" (2:22)
Farah "Baby Girl" (3:17)
Nite Jewel "Obsession" (4:11)
Johnny Jewel "Ghost Diving" (1:40)
Heaven "Lonesome Town" (3:11)
Glass Candy "I Always Say Yes" (7:37)
Twisted Wires "0000" (4:20)
Farah "Shadow Of A Doubt" (3:25)
Nite Jewel "How It Was" (4:15)
Heaven "Lock & Key" (3:37)
Andrew Douglas Rothbard "Worshipping The Myth Of Betrayed Talent" (4:07)
In Mirrors "Escape From Berlin" (4:17)
Farah "Gay Boy" (5:14)
Mirage "Lady Operator" (5:25)
Tess Roby "Glimpse" (4:15)

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