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NICOLAS WINDING REFN "The Wicked Die Young" Gatefold 2xLP On Silver Blood Marble


A Nicolas Winding Refn Curated 2xLP Compilation Of Music That Inspired The Sound & Feel Of "The Neon Demon" Film

Electric Youth "Good Blood" (4:01)
Lynsey de Paul "Won’t Somebody Dance With Me" (3:55)
Suicide "Cheree" (3:42)
999 "Homicide" (4:26)
Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers "Pirate Love" (3:56)
Dionne Warwick "Theme From Valley of the Dolls" (3:39)
Tommy Seebach "Bubble Sex" (5:43)
Amanda Lear "Follow Me" (3:53)
Giorgio Moroder "Knights In White Satin" (4:45)
Sparks "The No. 1 Song In Heaven" (7:26)
Cliff Martinez "Becoming" (3:49)
Pino Donaggio "Dressed to Kill" (3:41)
Claudio Gizzi "End Of A Myth" (3:23)
Julian Winding "When You Want To Hurt Someone" (4:43)

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