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Image of RYUICHI SAKAMOTO "Async" 2xLP




Ryuichi Sakamato's first solo record in 8 years is amazing. Inspired by the pace of Tarkovsky films. Hearkening back to Sakamoto’s acclaimed career as a soundtrack composer, scoring Nagisa Ôshima’s Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (where he acted alongside David Bowie) and Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Sheltering Sky (Sakamoto won an Oscar for Bertolucci’s The Last Emperor) as well as recently scoring Alejandro González Iñárritu’s The Revenant. For those familiar with the arc of Sakamoto’s four-decade long career, async seems to echo aspects of it all, as if Sakamoto sought to embrace his many iterations of self. The starbursts of “stakra” go back to his earliest days as a synth whiz kid in pioneering Japanese pop act Yellow Magic Orchestra while the stark and heartbreaking “ubi” recalls the Satie-like simplicity of his most famous composition, “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence,” the piano shot through with satellite beacon signals. Detuned strings mimic the traditional koto on “honj” and comprise the
furious thrashing noise of the title track.

Andata (4:39)
Disintegration (5:46)
Solari (3:52)
Zure (5:12)
Walker (4:20)
Stakra (3:41)
Ubi (4:03)
Fullmoon (5:13)
Async (2:45)
Tri (3:29)
Life, Life (4:24)
Honj (3:42)
Ff (5:13)
Garden (4:16)
Water State 2 (7:14)