"THE NEON DEMON" OST Gatefold 2xLP Colored Vinyl


Gatefold 2xLP Pressed On Transparent Emerald & Royal Blue
Full Color Picture Sleeves Designed By Allcity Who Did The Title Sequences & End Credits Of The Film
Vinyl Records Come With Digital Download Card Inside

We Got 350 Of These Soundtracks From Our Good Friends At Milan Records Who Also Pressed The Incredible Motion Picture Scores To Only God Forgives, It Follows, Bronson, Terminator, Under The Skin Etc...Nic's Beautiful New Film "The Neon Demon" Scored By Cliff Martinez Starring Elle Fanning, Jena Malone, Abbey Lee, Bella Heathcote, Desmond Harrington, Christina Hendricks, & Keanu Reeves
Congrats To Nic, Matt, & Cliff On Making My Favorite Film This Year
See It While You Still Can On The Silver Screen!!!

Johnny Jewel

Neon Demon (3:22)
Mine (3:42)
Demon Dance (5:59)
What Are You (1:39)
Don't Forget Me When You're Famous (1:33)
Gold Paint Shoot (2:50)
Take Off Your Shoes (1:43)
Ruby At The Morgue (1:50)
Jesse Sneaks Into Her Room (2:00)
Real Lolita Rides Again (2:47)
Messenger Walks Among Us (6:12)
Runway (4:30)
Take Her To Measurements (0:55)
Who Wants Sour Milk (1:09)
I Would Never Say You're Fat (2:20)
Thank God You're Awake Remix (2:19)
Kinky (4:17)
Ruby's Close Up (2:02)
Lipstick Drawing (2:33)
Something's In My Room (2:52)
Are We Having A Party (5:21)
Get Her Out Of Me (3:50)
Waving Goodbye (3:57)

Total Running Time (69:22)

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